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Events are a Great Channel for Marketing

In recent years, marketers have discovered that prospective customers respond well to informative interaction a lot more than they do to cold calls and passive sales. When a brand becomes a reliable name in the public, people become interested in its products or services. Well executed events can do wonders to enhance a brand’s image in front of its prospective & existing customers as well as its shareholders. Events also do wonders for media attention and public relations. They are a great way to generate quality leads of prospective and repeat customers.

We Bring You the Best Deals

Owing to the meticulous all round planning it requires, event management has become an individual sector of the marketing industry. At Global Excursions, we offer event management services across small, medium and large corporations in different industry verticals. Our networks with chain hotels and vendors make it easy for us to organize events across different locations, renting hotels, arranging for stay of delegates, transportation and several other factors before and after an event.

Crucial Steps of Pre-event Management

Our work starts right from conceptualization, where we research and brainstorm with you to decide on a theme for the event. Even in case of general themes, like a regular corporate meet, we take care of everything starting from timeline, budget, insurance, contracts and event accounting. Our client servicing team keeps updating you and working as per your feedback.

The Nitty-gritty’s of Event Execution

Then comes the venue selection and booking, ensuring you get sufficient parking space and other required services. The equipment rentals, sound and lighting, food and drinks banner designs and publicity via digital media is handled by dedicated teams. The event layout is designed beforehand and approved from you, before we start executing the work. We also take care of the security, logistics and transportation of these goods.

Staff management is another crucial responsibility we undertake. Our event coordinators supervise their recruiting, training for the day, communication and uniforms. Right marketing of the event is also crucial to generate interest, curiosity and more participation. Here we can take care of the advertising, media relations, required promotional; activities and social media marketing.

On the day of the event, we are the first team to arrive and last to leave. Our on-site vigil and management is done with an eye to the smallest of details. Collecting delegate feedback, handing them over to you, collecting their visiting cards or contact details (leads that might convert to customers in the future) are some of the post event activities we take care of.

Customized Services for Every Requirement

At Global Executions, we take care of every detail ensuring you get noticed for organizing a great event. We do what it takes right from the beginning, so that you can fully focus on attending to your delegates and developing the content of the meet. Our services are flexible and can be modified as per your requirements.

At Global Excursions, the creative and marketing teams work hand in hand to maintain all aesthetic elements while keeping a shrewd eye on the business functionality and optimal use of resources. By the time your event is complete, chances are, you might start thinking of us as an extended part of your core team rather than a third party service provider. That is the attitude we bring to your initiative.