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Live life king size

If you enjoy the fine things of life, then our luxury tours at Global Excursions will be perfect fit for your lifestyle. Travel royally and enjoy the best of everything, in every place you visit. For clients with very busy schedules, we plan last minute trips at short notice, taking instant care of itineraries, planning them in a manner that you don’t have to wait. We offer a wide range of locations, classy hotels, gourmet meals and great sightseeing experiences to make it an experience of your lifetime.

We cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences

We offer local guides who bring every tourist a one to one experience, that is enjoyable, informative and where required, tailor made to suit your specifications. It’s a great way to pursue things and activities you are passionate about. Interested in art? Spend a day in the local artisans’ village, seeing them at work. Love different flavours of wine? Take a tour to one of the local vineyards for a wine tasting session. Love wildlife at close? Indulge in the authentic local experiences, soaking in the culture and lifestyle. Just say what is in your mind and we can make it happen just the way you wanted.

Honest pricing and transparency

We take a lot of pride in the way we personalize our services after paying individual attention to every client. At Global Excursions, we live by the motto that each client is special, offering unique experiences that do not look for opportunities to get more money out of you – but making each experience value driven and worth every penny. We love to hear from our past guests, taking every feedback as an opportunity to improve our services. This way, we keep adding more and more relevant elements to the experience.

We have an eye for every small detail

We take care of the small details, like strong Wi-Fi connection and multi language tour guides. These tiny things can go a long way in adding to your experience. We plan our itineraries well in advance, to ensure there are no small disorders here and there, causing you inconvenience of any kind. The luxury tours come with priority options where everything is done in a short deadline. We take good care of any health related or other pressing need that you may have.

Revel in a few days of regalia

Stay in the best of hotels, eat the most delicious meals, take part in relaxing as well as fun activities and shop till you drop under the smart guidance of our local tour guides. Make the best of any place you visit, exploring every nook and corner or spending lazy afternoons at the hotel spa. We are all unique individuals with different choices and preferences. At Global Excursions, our flexible packages can be customized to suit your unique interests.

Our staff is our biggest asset

The staff are friendly and accommodating, with a smile on face and an instant solution for all your problems. All feedback is worked on immediately. You can look at your options before picking a destination. We believe that you will be so pleased by the whole travel experience that in no time, you will be back again for another trip. We are confident, not once will you go home feeling anything less than ecstatic!