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Travel at its Most Natural Form

This is how our men have travelled through age old times, alone or in small groups. Though ‘independent’ is the core essence of Foreign Independent Travels, it often helps to have a support system on the sideline. Travel like a nomad all you want, while including just a bit of planning tools and information resources. Perks of living in the 21st century!

At Global Excursion, our experienced team helps you plan your own trip for exotic and unfamiliar locations. You still travel as independently as you wanted. An expert touch just ensures you make the most out of your trip, avoiding any confusion, delay or disruption.

Benefit from our Experience

When you want to rent a farmhouse amidst nature, a classy villa, a homely inn or a family run lodging, we help you find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t spend hours or days in the process of searching for a place to stay or pay a fortune in booking it. Instead, use that time buy local souvenirs for your loved ones. Our services are timely and consistent while our staff is accommodating and pleasant. You can have all your alone time, without anyone getting in your way.

Our Local Knowledge enriches your Experience

Our agents who have the best of local knowledge can work with you to customize your independent tour the way you want. If you want a private tour guide, we will have one ready. Want to meet with some locals? Take a cooking class or go for a wine-tasting tour? Location specific activities can be arranged that help you best experience every aspects of a land, its people and culture. Feel free to brainstorm with our agent and ask for any assistance you might need. Get suggestions and tips that later come handy.

Don’t Sweat the small Stuff

Random requirements, like having someone pick you up at the airport or station and drop you to your destination, can be easily arranged. The service is designed keeping in mind that you get your complete privacy and seclusion. The details are customized everywhere it is possible, just the way you want them to be.

Indulge in this unique travel experience, travelling beyond minute plans, schedules, directions and group limitations. Break free from the daily dose of scheduling everything you do. No wonder, more and more travellers are choosing this style of travel. It satiates the wanderlust of a tired heart while we make sure that your morning cup of coffee is made just the way you like it. Could it get any more perfect than this..?!

Travel Solo like a Pro

Our services have been flexible since our inception and was gradually customized to fit the needs of solo travellers. Here we customize our trips for both individuals as well as small groups. Here, the travellers make all decisions from choosing a destination to planning their itineraries. This way, you retain every essence of travelling alone while our inside knowledge and organized planning makes your entire experience closer to perfection. Is it a non traditional accommodation place that you want to stay in? Or maybe a cosy cottage away from all hustles and bustles? Not all information can be found on the internet. This is where we come in!