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Mice – What they are All about

The challenges of organizing MICE are many. These are large group tourisms that require exquisite planning, a long time before the event takes place. The objective here is to attend a meeting, an incentive (like a reward) program for having achieved a target, conference or exhibitions being organized and offered by a company or institution. These events have a clear goal and are more theme based, be it a theme related to professional, academic, trade or special interest. This requires a lot of factors to be taken care of.

The many Challenges of Organizing MICE

The first challenge is budget, to create the right one and then stick to it. Finding a venue appropriate for its many aspects requires judgement that comes with experience. There are so many aspects to organizing MICE that it is imperative that it is done with an eye for detail as well as make sure that everything happens in time before, during and after the event. You invest a lot in creating a memorable experience or training session for your employees. It can be highly stressful, to prepare for the main objective of the tour as well as planning each itinerary. This is why it is a great idea to get some professional help!

Turning your MICE into a Pleasurable Experience

At Global Excursions, we work to make your meeting or conference a pleasant experience instead. We sit and listen to every requirement you have, brainstorm ideas and look into options with you. Then we go on to create from scratch the event that caters to every expectation you have. Hard work and creativity goes hand in hand here to make the experience flawless for you. Of course, the years of experience and contacts that we have developed helps in making it so. Whatever be the size of your company, we can come up with a host of options, all exuding the same passion.

Customizing Services to Bring you greater Flexibility

Is it a small event for just six of you? Or will it include as many as a plane full of people? Our services are competent and flexible to handle both like an expert. Leave it to us to take care of the arrangements and itineraries and focus on the objective for which you are planning the MICE. Spend some quality time with your employees, partners, customers, and/or vendors. We can arrange for team building activities that break the ice, boost the morale of the group and send everyone back home as better friends than before!

Our service includes transportation, food and accommodation, team building activities, social activities, sightseeing and events, in fact anything you might want to do. The services are flexible to any modifications that come up later and custom made to suit your budget and requirement. To build the ambience, there are personalized itineraries, great guides, a lot of prizes to be won and a whole load of fun!

Why would you miss any of it trying to take care of planning and executing a perfect experience away from home? A professional service may in fact, end up saving you from spending money the wrong way. With an experience of doing several similar activities, we have a clear understanding of resources required as well as the skill of making maximum use of the resources.

If you want to include families and children, we will create the whole theme keeping kid friendly clubs and activities on focus. Come to think of it, it is in fact the best gift you can give to anyone. Great time at an exotic location with their loved ones at no cost! Tell us what exactly is in your mind. We will take it from there!